Church of The English Martyrs_London

3D laser scanning of the Church of The English Martyrs in London during the open classes on 3D laser scanning for built heritage, done in collaboration with the Survey of London.

Location: Prescot St, London, UK.

Date: 21st and 25th May 2018.

Capturing team: Bernadette Devilat (tutor), Helen Jones (Survey of London). Students: Daniel Avilan, Fanny Ciufo, Stefan Gruber, Longhua Gu, Lei Jiao, Efstathia Kostopoulou, Adamantia Makri, Lavenya Parthasarathy, Sophie Schrattenecker, María Catalina Venegas, Wanyi Zhang, and Xin Zheng.

sectionperspective_Daniel Avilantransverse_Section_perspective_DanielAvilanPeel Back Axon_DanielAvilanImages: From top to bottom: perspective longitudinal section; perspective transversal section; and isometric of the interior of the church. Author: Daniel Avilan


exterior viewImages: Exterior view of the church. Author: Neha Fatima.


render image_elevationImages: Elevation. Author: Lavenya Parthasarathy.




Top_view_exteriorgorund_floor_planFirst_floor_plantrasnversal_section_altarlongitudinal_section2longitudinal_section1Images: From top to bottom: Top exterior view; ground-floor plan; first-floor plan; transversal section; and longitudinal sections. Author: Bernadette Devilat





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