22 Gordon St. 1st floor. The Bartlett_London

The students had the opportunity to see how 3D laser scanning works by using it to capture the first-floor landing of the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, where large students’ models were exhibited. These scans were carried out during the first general BScan open class in Term 1. The images have been created during the classes.

Building: The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

Location: 22 Gordon Street, WC1H 0QB, London, UK.

Date: 11th October 2018

On-site scanning: Bernadette Devilat (tutor), Matei Alexandru, Lena Asai, Daeyong Bae, Nefeli Christidi, Aikaterini Foutaki, Millicent Green, Sacha Hickinbotham, Rui Huang, Zeyneb Onsiper, Tian Pan, Yudan Pan, Androniki Pappa, Samidha Pusalkar, María Belén Suárez, Bogdan Stanciv, Selin Yalkut, Kehui Wu, Liu Zhangheng

Number of scans: 3


Images: Bernadette Devilat


BScan poster_general_Term1



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