Eastman Dental Hospital

The students of the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London had the opportunity to learn on-site 3D laser scanning by helping to capture parts of the Old Eastman Dental Hospital (EDH) at Grey’s Inn Road in London. This is one of UCLH’s buildings that moved to a new facility at 47-49 Huntley Street in London.

The project attempted to capture the memory of this building while still in use, recording its spatial use and depicting activities, generating a series of images that address its large scale while, at the same time, capture and showcase millimetric detail of objects, people and life.

These images are part of 3D laser scanning training workshops done in collaboration with the Bartlett School of Architecture University College London. The 3D laser scanning survey, products and artworks were commissioned and curated by Laura Mitchison, from On the Record Community Interest Company, with funding by the HeritageLottery Fund and UCLH Arts and Heritage, for a permanent exhibition displayed in the new building, titled ‘The Texture of Air’. More information here: www.devilat-lanuza.com and https://www.thetextureofair.uk/

Building: Eastman Dental Hospital UCLH.

Location: 256 Grays Inn Rd, London WC1X 8LD

Date of capture: December 2018

Scanning on-site: Bernadette Devilat (tutor), Ecem Ergin, Felipe Lanuza, Fatma Zeyneb Onsiper and María Catalina Venegas (students).

Number of scans: 256



staircase_no_walls2Images: Bernadette Devilat in collaboration with the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL.


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